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Boy with globe, South Dublin

South Dublin

Creative Ireland South Dublin has a diverse flavour that recognises traditional cultural identities and sets out to blend these with the emerging expressions of culture of the 120 different nationalities that are now part of our community. Culture and Creativity plays an essential role in the lives of our communities, building connection and well being, and offering insight about our experience and where we live. Work has been flowing from the programme over the last three years resulting in projects and events that have captured the public imagination and created many shared public moments.

Creative Ireland South Dublin has been ambitious in its support of creative artists and emerging talent, its engagement with citizens of South Dublin in a constantly changing environment. The County is a place of complex identity. The mix of urban and rural is invigorating. The Irish language and Irish culture holds a special place in the cultural tapestry that makes up South Dublin County. Áras Chrónáin, Clondalkin and Tallaght’s Irish Culture Centre are just a stone’s throw from the capital city, in the shadow of the mountains, South Dublin County is where the Irish language, and Irish culture, comes to life.

Creative young people have a distinctive voice in the County which has been nurtured over the course of this programme. ‘The award has allowed us to add a depth of knowledge and collective experience to our work that would otherwise be difficult to access. We believe that this kind of community engaged theatre is of huge importance for youth development in our locality.…. It has been thrilling to see the scope of our ability expanding’. Freshly Ground Theatre

Multi-layered collaborations across disciplines, across organisation, and between organisations and artists, has become the model at the centre of our Cultural and creativity Strategy. It is an approach that supports the artist, stimulates ambition and enriches cultural experiences for the individual and the community. Creative engagement with our heritage, built and natural environments, where and how people access culture in the County are avenues of exploration waiting to be unfolded. The programme has provided a platform for the creative work of people, not usually thought of as part of the mainstream, e.g. Irish Prisoners Exhibition and the Mixed Martial Arts community in Tallaght.

Culture and Creativity Team

Orla Scannell

Creative Ireland Coordinator & Arts Officer


Bernadette Fennell

County Librarian, SDCC


Frank Nevin

Director of Services, SDCC


Maoliosa Boyle

Executive Director, RUA Red


Michael Barker-Caven

Artistic Director, Civic Theatre


Tony Fegan

Director, Tallaght Community Arts


Brian O'Gaibhain

Manager, Áras Chronáin


Rosaleen Dwyer

Heritage Officer, SDCC


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